All the services on this website are now free of charge, except for travel or any other expenses that I would incur, to anyone I consider as a 'good cause' or otherwise want to collaborate with just to make images and videos.

My photos can be uploaded to Flickr or sent to any place that you want them. My videos can be uploaded to You Tube or any other platfom or processed as HTML5 for using on a website.

If you have an event coming up that you want photographed, videoed, and/or with interviews taken please give me a few days notice. I cannot photograph events I know nothing about or just find out about when they are happening.

You cannot hire my services on a commercial basis for money or gifts as that would invalidate my insurance! However, you can contact me via any of the social media listed or by text on 07538 301494 or E-mail. @Rabheg on Telegram.

I am happy to meet in a local pub or cafe to discuss your requirements.

I am happy to do individual jobs where there is no budget to employ a professional photographer or videographer but I don't offer services to 'undercut' any professional.  

As well as being a photographer I am a revolutionary socialist so causes of that nature and the working class and labour movement in general take priority.  


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My main focus is now on news and current affairs but I still like to do studio portraits and other photography from time to time.

I have a choice of portable studios for indoor studio photography or flash photography on location.

As well as digital photography traditional film photography can be undertaken as well when required.

Creative freelance photography with an emphasis on people photography is a speciality as is the high quality conversion of family history old negatives and prints.

Mains powered studio lights with umbrellas or softbox are available. Battery studio flash for when large studio lights are not needed or outdoors where there is no power.  

Natural lighting indoors is also possible if the circumstances allow for this.  

Video lighting with various cameras although I try to use natural and indoor ambient lighting as much as possible. Sound recording equipment for a variety of video tasks including live music.

Newspaper photography and is available for voluntary commissioned work including interviews.  

Short video clips and a variety of sound recording equipment for the audio tracks. Test videos for individuals and bands who want to try out songs before going to a recording studio

For live recording in pubs I only use two microphones but at rehearsals, where there is space, I have nine microphones and a variety of mixers available  For information about services please click here.


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Roger Blackwell

27 Winchester Tower

Vauxhall Street



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