Studies in Dialectical Materialism

This web site is designed for the discussion of materialist dialectics, the philosophical aspect of Marxism. It consists of articles and letters which aim to develop this philosophy in the 21st century. Your comments are invited on any of the contents of this site whether they are articles or letters, and all mail received, that is relevant to this discussion, will be published on the letters page. You may also wish to add new articles to the series and those would be gratefully received. I am particularly looking for any comments that were made at the time of the 1982 article by Gerry Healy. For any correspondence of any kind please click on the Comments link.

Article 1: Studies in Dialectical Materialism by G Healy (October 1982)

Article 2: How Marxists Think by Clara Fraser (Winter 1955/56)

Article 3: Fighting Words on the Humanity of Marxism by Clara Fraser and Guerry Hoddersen (1981)

(Articles 2 & 3 by kind permission: Articles reprinted from 'Revolution, She Wrote', by Clara Fraser (Seattle: Red Letter Press, 1998)).

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