You can also find me on the web and in newsgroups under the pseudonym: rabhegmarlen.  Take a look at one of my favourite holiday destinations - Menton, France

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I will eventually add a brief biography, but for now here is a small childhood page with photos of myself and my immediate family.

Peachy the hamster

Welcome to my home pages which I will be continually adding to from time to time. My basic statistics are as follows:- Born May 2 1951 in Norwich, where I lived for my first 18 years before moving to London to study physics and mathematics. I returned to Norwich after 2 years and have lived here ever since. Height 5 feet 9 inches. Weight 13 stone. Interests politics, philosophy, political economy, history, music, photography, walking, swimming. Currently divorced and living in a small flat in Norwich.  Recently started work at Norwich City College as an Office Administrator for the Learning City City Online project.  I was married to Sue from October 1986 until our divorce in November 2001.  Sue has 2 cats pictured here called Lucy and ZoŽ.  This web site consists mainly of photographs and the occasional article, plus a couple of my old drawings.

Photo Album:-

Rouen at night
Snow Leopard at Banham Zoo

Jennifer Taylor
Herbie Hide

Photo galleries :-

Roger's monochrome gallery
Norwich Photographic Workshop

Dance at Waterloo Park, May 2000
Music in Chapelfield Gardens, July 2003


My 1996 article on empiricism
Studies in Dialectical Materialism


You can read extracts and editorials from the daily News Line at this site.

You can now access most important Marxist writings on the Internet. If you are interested it is worth paying a visit to the web site listed below:-

Link to Marxist Internet Archive

Political Economy:- 

Commodity Production

I am currently interested in doing research in Marxist Political Economy and in developing an analysis of the current world economy. If you have any original ideas on the topic, please e-mail me.

Norwich Campaign for Real Ale Web Site
Photos from GBBF 2003

PMR446 Page
Legal Two Way Radio for use in most European countries

Page updated:- 09 October 2003

My photo

In my early teenage years I had two main interests outside my school work. The first was particle physics. However, I won't write about it here. The second interest was drawing portraits which I did from the age of 12 up until the age of 16 when I stopped and was more preoccupied with other things, such as girls and alcohol. Here are two of my early drawings, which although faded can still be seen reasonably well:-

Peter Tork (1967)
Dave Clark (1965)

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