Photographic Services 

  • Studio portraits in your own home

  • Sports Photography

  • Social Events Photography

  • Photos taken on location at a place of your choosing

  • For extended family portraits I can hire a hall and set up a large studio

  • Copying your old family photos or negatives (including odd sizes) to produce new digital files and prints

  • Retouching and tidying old family photos to make them look their best

  • Selective digital enlargements from your old negative

  • Photos for publication including interviews if required

  • Other commissioned work, please phone or e-mail if you have a specific requirement

  • Photoshop Artwork

  • CDs of all work available including traditional film photography

  • Prints from any lab of your choice including poster size and canvas prints etc.

  • Photobooks from a lab of your choice

  • Traditional Black and White or Colour Film Photography (prices on request)

  • Some movie making services are now available. Please phone or e-mail with your requirements

  • New Test videos for individuals and bands who want to try out songs before going to a recording studio

  • For live recording in pubs I only use two microphones but at rehearsals, where there is space, I have nine microphones and a variety of mixers available 

  • Available for work with other photographers where collaboration is needed

  • Specially commissioned photo/artwork posters up to 150cm x 100cm (warning this is expensive and usually requires professional framing). However, these prints should last for generations to come.



Photographic links

Norwich Guildhall: Copy from my slide March 2013




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